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    APPEARING: All Three Days
    KNOWN FOR: Author of The Bad Unicorn Trilogy
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    Platte F Clark is a Utah-based author and screenwriter who writes primarily middle-grade comedic fantasy. Inspired by the likes of Douglass Adams and Terry Pratchett, Platte’s “Bad Unicorn” trilogy (published by Simon & Schuster / Aladdin) has sold over a hundred thousand copies through book fairs alone. Platte was born in 1967 (“Platte” being a family name passed down from a 19th-century pioneer born on the Platte River) and grew up in Utah and Northern Virginia. His father, wanting to encourage him to read, offered a penny page as an incentive. Platte quickly became a fantasy and science fiction fan, and soon discovered role-playing games as well (Dungeons & Dragons in particular). As a youth on the cusp of the computer revolution, Platte spent his time reading, at the arcade, or playing D&D with friends.

    Platte always enjoyed writing, and in 10th grade, his English teacher pulled him aside and encouraged him to pursue it as a career. That educator planted a seed that has remained with Platte his entire life. In High School, he wrote for the school’s newspaper and joined both the wrestling and debate team. Platte later embarked on a two-year LDS Mission, served in the Army National Guard, and attended Utah State University where he met his wife of 26 years.

    Platte received an Areas Studies Certificate in Religious History, a BS in Philosophy (Cum Laude), and an MS in English. He scripted the pilot episodes for two stop-motion shorts and began writing feature-length screenplays. Platte adapted the bestselling novel “The Best Christian Pageant Ever” which was later optioned by Walden Media and penned the original draft of “The Legend of Santa Claus,” slated for a future release.

    Platte’s “Bad Unicorn” trilogy includes “Bad Unicorn,” “Fluff Dragon,” and “Good Ogre.” He is currently working on a number of projects both in film and literature. He enjoys music, plays guitar, and loves spending time with his family. Platte and his wife Kathy have 7 children and live in Utah.