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FanX® Salt Lake Convention™ 2018



DATE: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

TIME: 10 am to 6 pm

LOCATION:  Hall E – in the Registration Area  (South end of the Salt Palace)


DATEThursday, September 6 to Saturday, September 8, 2018

TIME: 8 am to 8 pm

LOCATION:  Hall E – in the Registration Area  (South end of the Salt Palace)

FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ 2018

Pre-registration and Registration FAQ

What’s the difference between Pre-Registration and Registration?

  • Pre-Registration happens BEFORE the event on Wednesday, September 5, 2018. Attending the Registration Area on this day will allow you to skip the Registration Line at the event and head directly to the Entry Line.
  • Registration is DURING the event, Thursday, September 6 through Saturday, September 8. If you need to attend Registration, you will need to wait in the Registration Line before heading to the Entry Line, so please plan accordingly. We recommend arriving early to allow for the smoothest experience possible.

The Registration Area is located in Hall E (the South Lobby of the Salt Palace Convention Center.) This is the location that we can assist you with any ticketing issues during the event.

How Do I know If I need to attend Pre-Registration or Registration?

You do not need to attend Pre-Registration or Registration if:

You received your RFID wristbands (and perks, if applicable) in the mail, and have activated your RFID wristband online ahead of time. You’re ready to walk into the event!

You will need to attend Pre-Registration or Registration if:

  • You won an official FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention 2018™ social media or special event contest. Bring the QR code or certificate with you to claim your prize. Note: Even if you upgrade the ticket that you won, you will still need to attend pre-registration or registration to claim your item(s).
  • You are a VIP Passholder and want to pick up your VIP Poster (these will not be mailed).
  • Your RFID wristband was not mailed to you. Especially if you placed your order after the shipping deadline (July 18, 2018) or…
  • There was a problem with your order and you need to exchange your RFID wristband or pick up missing items.
  • You were gifted a voucher and do not have a RFID wristband yet.
  • You have your RFID wristband, but want to upgrade it.
  • You want to buy FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ 2018 passes in person. This is a great option if you want to pay with cash. (Save by purchasing online!)

Please bring your order QR code from your GrowTIX confirmation email to the Registration Area. Printed or a screenshot on your phone works best. You’ll be able to pick up your RFID wristband and any pass perks at the Registration Area.

About Children and Youth Admission

Children ages 8 years old and younger DO NOT require a wristband to attend our events. For children and teens ages 9-17, we suggest that you purchase a 15% Discounted Pass. If you have a VIP Pass, two children 8 years old and younger per VIP Pass will be allowed to attend panels and use express lines as a VIP pass holder. As always, children 9 and older will require their own VIP Pass to use VIP Perks. Read our ticketing policies, here.

Discounted Passes

In addition to Students and Youth, 15% Discounted Pass also available for Teachers, Military (active and veteran), First Responders, and Seniors (60+). Learn more about Discounted Passes, here.

Click here for latest Pre-Registration and Registration info from our Help Desk

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